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Modern Technology In Agriculture Essay Topics

Most people are unaware of the true significant of agriculture in our society. It’s more than just to provide food to the total numbers of individuals in a certain country. Agriculture does not only provide our nourishment for our daily intake but also an income source of every single nation that exists on this planet, where most manufacturing industries as well as businesses are dependent on it. Without giving a serious attention on it, any country can be politically and economically unstable and paralyzed in any ways.

When social development rises to its peak, so is the importance of technology in agriculture was fully recognizes and brings to open. It began in the early times when our forefather thought of tilling the ground and establishing food crops and grain as a main source of food aside from animals. Agriculture does not only develop every place it has implanted but also give additional knowledge and provide a better technology. No one can deny its importance in our daily lives for it has transformed mankind continually from time to time.

Refined things has evolved and brought forth modern technology into the field of agriculture. From the earliest time, ancient people have already engaged in some form of agricultural technology used in planting, collecting or even gathering. But unfortunately such technological tools are inadequate to bring out the best in agricultural industries. The simple plowing tool that was the most important equipment a farmers had, rest to its usage and form until modern centuries had arrived. It was changed into a steel plow and later was developed into a gigantic plowing machine. Tractors were put into the field as a replacement on the old plowing devices. The once was manually being done, was now operated by machines. The burden and hard labor was now being lessened as man operated equipment rules the field. The importance of technology in agriculture made major changes in farming business.

Another development in agriculture also occurred on this earlier times when the threshing machine was first invented. It was design to separate the grain from the stalks and husk. Over the years before it was created the grains from the crops was separated manually by the used of hands with swings and beats. This was a hard, tough and strenuous activity which would take an hour or a day to finish. Modernization by the used of threshing machine makes the process easy and fast. With this advantage brought by technology on agriculture provide a quicker supply of food in a certain city or towns. Importance of technology in agriculture brings numerous major modifications in agricultural machines that introduced equipment that decreased the volume of labor needed but augmented productivity.

Even though advancement can be quiet expensive sometimes yet, high-end technological advances have been a great benefit to most farmers by constructing a stress-free and more cost-effective agricultural existence. Therefore, technology makes an impact to every individual and to mankind as a whole. The importance of technology in agriculture gives a dynamic force for world’s development-an economic backbone.

So, as you seen technology is really important for agriculture, do share your thoughts on this topic with us in the comments below.


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Modern farming technology is used to improve the wide types of production practices employed by farmers. It makes use of hybrid seeds of selected variety of a single crop, technologically advanced equipment and lots of energy subsidies in the form of irrigation water, fertilizers and pesticides.

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Modern Farming Technology

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