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Choline Dihydrogen Phosphate Synthesis Essay


Some ionic liquids (ILs) possess negligible vapor pressure as well as fascinating features such as high thermal, chemical and electrochemical stability. ILs have gained increasing attention as green, multi-use reaction media as well as solvents for a electrochemistry and chemistry (Welton, 1999; Seddon, 1997; Wasserscheid & Welton, 2002). ILs are also currently being investigated for a variety of bio-applications including media for biocatalytic reactions (van Rantwijk et al., 2003; Zhao et al., 2008), biosensors (Ohno, 2005) and protein stabilization (Fujita et al., 2005; Byrne et al., 2007). We have been studying hydrated IL as solvents for proteins. We have already reported that some proteins are soluble, stable, and remain active in some hydrated ILs. For example, the title compounds, acts as an excellent preserver of proteins such as cytochrome c.

The title compound (I) consists of cations and anions. The molecular structures of (I) are shown in Fig. 1. Two hydrogen bonds of O4—H···O2 connect anions and construct dimer along the b axis (Fig. 2). The dimers are connected with each other by the two hydrogen bonds of O5—H···O1 and O3—H···O5, through the hydroxyl group (Table 1). These hydrogen bonds create a columnar structure of anions and cations along the a axis. The columnar structures interact with each other by C—H···O hydrogen bond and van der Waals forces (Table 1).

Hydrogen-bond geometry (Å, °)

Symmetry codes: (i) −x+2, −y+1, −z; (ii) −x+1, −y+1, −z; (iii) −x+1, −y+1, −z+1; (iv) x, y−1, z.

O3—H3O···O5i0.80 (4)1.79 (4)2.586 (3)178 (3)
O4—H4O···O2i0.93 (4)1.60 (4)2.526 (2)173 (3)
O5—H5O···O1ii0.93 (4)1.63 (4)2.556 (3)176 (4)
C3—H3B···O10.982.483.439 (3)166
C4—H4B···O3iii0.982.543.504 (3)170
C4—H4C···O1iv0.982.493.457 (3)168
C5—H5A···O3iv0.982.463.430 (3)172
C5—H5B···O1iii0.982.423.382 (3)169
C5—H5C···O20.982.603.549 (3)164

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