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Ftm Reassignment Implant

Sava Perovic Team's procedures all tend to be the most advanced urogenital procedures available anywhere and the ones giving patients the best results.

This surgical art continues to be studied, developed and advanced by the world's top urologists, leading andrologists, and the best reconstructive surgeons at hands-on live surgery training provided by the Sava Perovic Foundation in Belgrade each year. That has always been and continues to be the Foundation's primary mission.

But Foundation Chairman Dr Rados Djinovic welcomes anyone, ranging from newborns to senior citizens, to become his personal patient, following in the steps of Dr Perovic as a “complete surgeon for all generations, who operates on children, adolescents & adults.” He is particularly expert at creating missing parts or a completely missing organ.

Only surgeons whose primary objectives are the best possible surgical results & good quality of life for their patients are interested in learning and offering Perovic procedures.

There are many such caring doctors but they are a tiny percentage of all surgeons — and they are scattered around the world.

They tend to be doctors who believe, like Professor Perovic, that “money is not the most important thing.”

Doctors who are businessmen first & doctors second are unlikely to subscribe to the Perovic philosophy. Surgeons who emphasize speed, number of procedures per day & profit over the quality of the patient's surgical results will not perform, advocate or praise a Perovic procedure.

Before concluding or allowing anyone to persuade you that procedures developed & refined by one of the greatest names in 21st century medicine while doing more than 20,000challenging & complex operations are “too good to be true” because they are not offered by a surgeon near you, look deeper.

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Gender Reassignment Surgery by Thai Doctors: Female to Male Sexual Reassignment Surgery

There are two basic female to male operation transsexual surgery processes available in Thailand: 3-stage and 4-stage. The 3-stage process package uses the radial-forearm technique, costs US$18,400 AND includes a mastectomy and hormonal treatment but not scrotoplasty. The 4-stage female to male operation process has the same 3-6 month intervals between the stages which each take about 2.5-3 hours. The plastic surgery costs of the 4-stage sex reassignment operations which use the abdominal "suitcase handle" technique is US$24,900 with mastectomy but no hormone treatment.

      The Sava Perovic Foundation does complete FtM sex change, including: 1) oophorectomy; 2) trans-vaginal hysterectomy; 3) vaginectomy; 4) scrotoplasty, with testicular implants; and 5) Perovic Metoidioplasty in one 7-hour surgical session in Belgrade, Serbia. The female to male operation package price includes ground transport and everything related to the surgery. It requires 3-5 days recovery in hospital and 7-10 days total time in Belgrade. Surgery is by appointment.

The best!

Hospital stay, surgeon's fees, anesthesia fees, medical treatments, as well as pre- and post-operative care are included in these FtM gender transformation prices. This page does NOT explain Perovic Metoidioplasty 2008 nor Total Phalloplasty by Professor Dr Sava Perovic in Bangkok, nor do the Thai doctors use his procedures.

Dr Perovic and other leading American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons as well as top Thai surgeons adhere to “The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's Standards Of Care For Gender Identity Disorders”. A suitable candidate for transgender sex change must:

  • be at least age 18 years of age;
  • have parental permissionfor this gender reassignment surgery if under 20 years old;
  • have completed their Real-Life Experience; and
  • have two letters of psychiatric approval for FtM gender transformation surgery.

Leading Thai surgeons also require a suitable candidate for FtM transsexual surgery to have been diagnosed with gender identity disorder, gender dysphoria or associated conditions. In addition, they want a suitable candidate for female to male sexual reassignment surgery to have:

  • undergone at least one year of anti-androgens and/or hormonal treatment; and
  • lived full-time as a man for at least one year with "documented real-life experience".

First, we'll explain the 4-stage female to male operation process. This FtM SRS surgery in Bangkok must be booked at least one month in advance. (Click here to skip directly to the much more affordable and more comprehensive 3-stage FtM SRS transsexual surgery process.)

Get a physical exam from your personal physician during the 90 days before your Bangkok SRS.

Discontinue orally taken hormone treatment tablets at least 14 days prior to SRS surgery to reduce the risk of thrombosis (blood clots). Hormone injections should be halted four weeks before a female to male operation. Oral anti-androgens should be discontinued three days before surgery. Injectable antiandrogen should be stopped four weeks prior.

      The Sava Perovic Foundation in Serbia has a very high success rate doing Total Phalloplastyusing the musculocutaneous latissimus dorsi flap (MLD Flap) which creates a penis up to 7 inches (18 cm) long with a circumference up to 5.9 inches (15 cm). It can be done seven days after the professor's female to male operation package mentioned in the yellow sidebar above. The penis looks great, has tactile sensation, leaves no conspicuous, disfiguring scars at the donor site plus patients can have orgasms and engage in sexual intercourse.

      Fewer than 7% of patients experience complications and all can be successfully treated with minor surgery. Professor Perovic offers a package price that includes: 1) oophorectomy; 2) trans-vaginal hysterectomy; 3) vaginectomy; 4) scrotoplasty, with testicular implants; and 5) urethral advancement followed one week later by 6) Total Phalloplasty Stage One that costs just 32% more than Total Phalloplasty Stage One only. ONE week total time in Belgrade. No deposit required.

Simply the best transguy penis anywhere!

1st stage FtM gender reassignment surgery: US$9,000 or without breast reduction US$8,000. Removal of uterus and ovaries and breasts (or reconstruction), preparation of the urethra skin abdominal tube. Five nights of hospitalization and 7-9 days recovery in Bangkok after surgery.

Note: Thai Baht symbol should appear like this in your browser.

2nd stage FtM transsexual surgery: US$7,500. Penile reconstruction using abdominal skin ("suitcase handle" technique). Six nights of hospitalization and 10 days recovery in Bangkok after surgery.

3rd stage female to male sexual reassignment surgery: US$4,200. Connect urethra, implant silicone testicles (Silimed, silicone gel, DMS 3.3x4.8 cm, from Brazil). One night of hospitalization and seven days recovery in Bangkok after surgery.

4th stage female to male operation: US4,200. Insertion of silicone penis (penile implants are Eurosilicone sterile EO, 12 x 175 mm, made in France) to make it hard and sculpture the glans penis, plus minor corrections. One night of hospitalization seven days recovery in Bangkok after surgery. (Cost of penile implant for phalloplasty is included.)

Medicines supplied after the gender reassignment surgery are NOT included in the doctor's fees.

Patients must understand and be able to accept that after FtM transsexual surgery from Thai doctors:

  • there will be no sensation in the penis;
  • urine may leak, requiring mutiple, minor corrective surgeries with local anesthesia; and
  • phalloplasty female to male appearance will not look 100% like a male.

Before being discharged from the hospital, the nurse will instruct you how to take care for yourself and the surgeon will prescribe some more medications. The stiches will be removed 7-10 days later and you can then return home.

HIV positive patients are an added risk to hospital personnel. For this reason there is a 30% surcharge to cover the cost of using disposable instruments.

Stop or reduce smoking two weeks before gender reassignment surgery. Take no aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, etc) and no Vitamin E.

Payment for your female to male operation can be made in US dollars, Euro, Yen or Thai Baht.

Deposits are required prior to each stage of transsexual surgery.

When requesting to schedule SRS surgery by a Thai doctor (at least a month in advance), a suitable candidate must submit:

  • a copy of their photo identification, such as a drivers license or passport; and
  • copies of all required documenation from referring medical and mental health professionals. You must provide the original, signed copies of the documentation during your FtM gender transformation surgery pre-op consultation in Bangkok.

You must receive approval from the surgeon in Bangkok for your sex reassignment. Do NOT book any flights until you have received approval for plastic surgery in Thailand from the doctor.

Bangkok FtM SRS in Three Stages for US$18,400 NET

This FtM transsexual surgery is US$3,530 LESS than the 4-stage type and includes a mastectomyPLUS testosterone male sex hormones to augment the entire transition process. Any component of any stage can be obtained alone. There is a 3-6 month interval between stages.

The first stage includes six nights stay in hospital. The first component is a mastectomy to remove the breasts and reshape the chest to achieve male upper body contours.  The surgical techniques used depend on the amount of breast tissue to be removed.
Package Price: US$2,200

The second component of the first stage is a trans-abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy which remove the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
Package Price: US$2,200

The second stage includes eight nights stay in hospital. The first component is a vaginectomy and urethral lengthening which removes the vagina and lengthens the urethra to prepare it to carry urine out of the neo-phallus after phalloplasty.
Package Price: US$2,700

The second component of the second stage is urethral prefabrication in the patient's forearm which will later be used in the neophallus to enable urination from the tip of the neophallus.
Package Price: US$1,800

The third stage includes 14 nights stay in hospital. The first component of the third stage is total phalloplasty using the radial forearm donor site to create a new adult-size phallus with sufficient length and bulk to allow passage of urine and penetration during sexual intercourse with the help of a silicone penile implant.
Package Price: US$6,900

The second component of the third stage is penile implant surgery which requires three nights stay in the international, ISO-accredited hospital. It is done not sooner than one year after the total phalloplasty. The silicone penile prosthesis costs US$600 and is not included in the price of the penile implant surgery.
Package Price: US$2,000