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S1 English Homework Booklet

What are we reading in English class?

S1s, S2s and S3s are reading a variety of texts including "Boy", "Anne Frank", "The Pearl" and "The Outsiders".  They are also reading drama texts such as "Frankenstein" and "White Poppies", and reading poetry by Douglas Dunn and Edwin Morgan. 

Personal Reading                                                                                                                 

Do you need some ideas?  Here's what pupils recommend:

"The Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett - "I like this book because it's a quirky twist on the fantasy genre, and kind of points out the stereotypes.  The entire Discworld series is great." Boz Squires, 1L1

""Slated" is without doubt the best book I have ever read.  It is about a girl who has had her mind wiped by the government and experiences confusion, love, anger, betrayal and sadness in her search for the truth.  It is very different as well as interesting." Kara Singh, 1L1

"A Series of Unfortunate Events" - "A clever and gripping series.  Extremely interesting with a nip of sadness!" Connor Wilson, 1L1

"I recommend "The Hunger Games" series - I'm reading them for the second time.  They're really gory and gruesome but great!" Alice Hunton, 3G3

"Knife of Never Letting Go" first in a series by Patrick Ness - "Really fast-paced and you never get bored of it - it keeps you on your toes." Sophie Hay, 3G3

Accelerated Reader

S1 and S2 pupils are all involved in the Accelerated Reader programme.  You can access pupil profiles from home by using the pupil login.  See the link on the school or English homepage.


Homework should be completed by S1 - S3 students on a monthly basis.  Choose from a variety of tasks and you may see your work featured on the Writer of the Week board in The English Department!

Homework booklets can be viewed here:

S1 Homework Booklet 1

S1 Homework Booklet 2

S2 Homework Booklet 1

S2 Homework Booklet 2

S3 Homework Booklet 1 

S3 Homework Booklet 2

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