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Free assignments/ Written examinations

A paper cover 1 course and can be written either alone or by groups of 2 or 3 students.

If you write in a group, it is a requirement that you state who has written which parts in order for the lecturer to give the correct grade.

Free assignments count for 10 ECTS (BA students) and 7.5 ECTS (MA students).

Assignments must be submitted at the Digital Exam System.

The structure of the paper:

A basic formula for the structure of the paper could be the following:

  • You start with an introduction including:
    o what you want to investigate: description of your subject and your research question
    o why you want to investigate this

  • You then state: 
    o what other people have said about your subject/problem
    o and you continue by evaluating the weaknesses and strengths of their arguments

  • Then you:
    o clarify the methods and theoretical approach you want to apply

  • You go on to:
    o apply the approach on your case - the analysis

  • You formulate:
    o an answer to your basic research question indicating what your analysis shows
    o a critical self-evaluation of the theories, empirical material and methods you have applied

  • In the conclusion:
    o you summarize your interesting findings and discuss their implications

  • Finally, you:
    o Make sure that the formal requirements are fulfilled (references, quotation-marks, length, spelling etc.)