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First of all, let's define it. Usually, coursework is a written assignment that students have to do during the course, and it often has a huge impact on the final grade. It often has a form of investigation, where you explore a particular problem. You work at home most of the time, but your mentor can give you some advice, and if you need it - just ask.

The type of your coursework may vary depending on the subject:

  • English coursework usually takes a form of an extended essay (in most cases students choose their own topic).
  • Math coursework involves a lot of calculations or problem-solving.
  • Geography coursework often focuses on answering subject-related questions by gathering and analyzing masses of data.
  • Coursework in Physics, Biology or other similar subjects generally looks like a big project or an experiment that students should conduct on their own or in groups.

So, every student has to deal with such kind of writing at least once during his studies. And we know that it isn't such an easy assignment as it may seem first. It depends on your instructor, your interests and even mood. Sometimes it is really hard to focus on some tasks, especially if it requires a lot of time, writing skills and analytical thinking. Many of us often are not interested in the topic of the coursework, have other urgent matters or just simply have no time for it.

Our service is made specifically for those people who want to spend their time on more important matters than writing college coursework all day long. It doesn't matter whether you study at law or medical school, we are always ready to provide college coursework writing help for you.

Some of the Coursework Writing Rules That Might Help You

These are just some general coursework writing tips you can follow to boost your chances of succeeding:

  1. Choose the topic wisely. Keep an eye on exam topics as they cannot coincide with the one you pick for your coursework.
  2. Make sure you understand every core principle and rule. Any misunderstanding should be clarified in the very beginning to avoid situations which can lead to a disaster.
  3. Consult your teacher. Their guidance is often very helpful as they have a lot of experience with these tasks. It is also a good idea to make a draft before asking your teacher for advice.
  4. One of the most important rules, if not the most important, is no plagiarism. Considering how developed the Internet is, and how much information you can find on the Web, even the slightest hint of plagiarism can ruin your academic performance.
  5. And the last but not the least - the deadline. Keep track of time and spread your work evenly. Sometimes it's possible to submit your work part by part. This way you would have more time for any necessary corrections.

Remember that if you don't have the time or you are laden with other assignments you can rely on and get college coursework help from the best professionals in the field. Provide us with all the details and leave the anxieties behind. Everything will be finished by the deadline, and you won't find any plagiarism in your work even if you try really hard because all our papers are always original and plagiarism-free. Order now and enjoy a 20% discount if it's your first order here!

Need English Coursework Help?

As we said before, it usually involves writing an extended essay on a topic of your choice. For some students, it is a great opportunity to write about something they actually like. But often people may experience some difficulties related to a lack of time or desire. Students have to formulate a research question, engage in a personal exploration of the chosen topic, properly communicate main ideas and develop their argument accordingly. This is when we come to rescue. We have plenty of professional academic writers who are more than capable of helping any student with his or her English coursework.

Looking for Maths Coursework Help?

Math coursework might pose a challenge for those who are loaded with dozens of other tasks and cannot invest a lot of their time in solving all those equations and calculations. It is perfectly fine if you feel that you need some professional maths coursework help to complete everything within the given time frame. We have all sorts of experts around here. You can easily find statistics coursework help at a reasonable price and save a ton of time. The result will exceed your best expectations thanks to the vast experience of our writers, who constitute the basis of the reliable custom coursework writing service -

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Success Checklist for Online Students

As a student taking a CollegeNow Online course, you are required to work with a mentor at your high school. Your mentor will support you in your transition to college-level coursework in the online environment.

Managing your time effectively is essential to success in online courses. You will be required to log in to the course at least three times per week and complete all readings, assignments, and discussion posts by the specified deadlines. You should plan on dedicating 2.5 to 4 hours per week, per credit to your online courses. If you are unsure about whether the online environment is a good match for your learning style, visit our “Is It Right for You?” page.

Before the First Week of Class

  • __Purchase any required textbooks.
  • __Familiarize yourself with the College’s Academic Standards and Grading Policies.
  • __Review the Implications of Beginning a College Transcript.
  • __Visit Blackboard’s Student Orientation.
  • __Understand the log-in policy. You are expected to log in to your course at least three times per week. If you do not participate in class for two consecutive weeks, you will be viewed as not attending the course and will be administratively withdrawn, which appears on your transcript as an AW.
  • __Review the deadlines for dropping and withdrawing, which are posted on the College’s Academic Calendar. Online courses follow the College’s Academic Calendar. Usually, online courses start earlier than your high school begins the school year; also, school breaks may not align. You are responsible for submitting your work according the course outline’s schedule, regardless of whether you have classes at your high school that day.
  • __If the student needs to drop or withdraw from the class, an Official Change of Schedule Form must be completed and submitted by the deadline.

During the First Week of Class

  • __Log into your myTC3 and Blackboard accounts and review the course materials.
  • __If you are having trouble navigating the online course environment, review the Blackboard Orientation again and contact Tech Support for assistance.
  • __Print the course outline with due dates and decide on regular times during the week to log in to the course.
  • __Review the exam dates and deadlines for readings and assignments. Enter the dates into your planner, and use the calendar on your phone for reminders.
  • __With your mentor, set up a schedule for weekly check-ins throughout the semester.
  • If you feel you cannot succeed in the course, you must drop or withdraw by the deadlines to avoid receiving a low grade. A drop leaves no record on your transcript. A withdrawal is recorded as a W, meaning you began the course and withdrew. A W does not affect your GPA. If you withdraw after the regular withdrawal deadline, you will either receive a WP (“withdraw pass”) or a WF (“withdraw fail”). A WF factors into the GPA as an F.

Throughout the Semester

  • If you have questions, contact the instructor.
  • Follow the schedule you set with your mentor for regular check-ins.
  • Ask your mentor to help you calculate your grade.
  • Review deadlines of remaining assignments using the course outline’s schedule.
  • Pay particular attention to the important semester dates for course withdrawals. Tell your mentor if you feel you cannot earn a passing grade and need to withdraw from the course.
  • Make use of the Tompkins Cortland Library’s services for CollegeNow students and the Baker Center for Learning’s tutoring services.

For Students Taking Summer Online Courses

Summer online courses are a great way to earn college credit while exploring potential career interests. However, you should take into account these special considerations due to the condensed nature of summer courses.

  • Because summer courses are offered in a condensed format, the drop and withdraw deadlines arrive much sooner. Review the Academic Calendar for summer courses, and the drop and withdrawal deadlines.
  • Due to the compressed summer schedule, you are expected to cover more work at a faster pace.
  • Make sure you factor in other summer commitments, including a summer job or family vacation, before you register.