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Why We Have To Study English Essay

Today, there are many people all of the world study English. Most of people think that maybe english becomes their second language. But have you ever wondered:" Why do we need to learn English". Why don't we searching about it?

First, English helps you to improve friendship and maybe include our knowledge around the world. Nowadays, many people have a wider friendship around the world. So learning English is an important way to communicate with friends from another countries. Absolutely, learning English can help you to make more friends, we can exchange with a lot of people, improve our relationships. From that, we can learn more, open our knowledge world. Every year, there are lots of teenagers go overseas to learn for themselves, to improve every important, to bring every new thing from another countries to our country.

Second, English helps you to connect our country to the world or we can learn more about another countries's tradition. Learning English, we can introduce every beautiful things, places,... to internaional friends from another countries. Foreigners wil be curious and they will travel to our country. On the contrary, we can understand more special traditional foods, cultures,... from another countries. I think it's great so we need to learn English

Finally, we can find jobsmore easily. Today, all companies need their wokers know at least on language, especially English. In some international companies, every person have to know English well. So we need to learn English in other to have a good job for you.

You can see. Learning is very important way to climb on our future stepladder. I hope that people wil learn English for themselves and for their future

In this modern, globalised society, knowing how to speak another
language is a crucial skill to have.  The big question is- which
language should you study?

For those who have grown up in countries where English isn’t spoken, the choice is fairly obvious- knowing how to speak English can open up doors across the globe. So if you’re still undecided about whether you should study English as a Second Language, here are our Top 5 reasons why you should:

1. English is the global language of business.

If you are interested in working for one of the world’s top
organisations, chances are that English will be the language they use to
communicate. English has become the language of international business, so
most multi-national companies require some level of English comprehension,
and knowledge of the language spoken locally around where the company
operates will boost you even further. The truth of the matter is that those
who have a fluent grip over the English language tend to receive a higher
salary than those who don’t, so learning ESL really can advance your career

2. English is the second most spoken language in the world.

The only language that’s spoken more than English is Chinese Mandarin,
but so far, the English language has had a much more global impact because
a significant majority of people who speak Mandarin are either in China or
America. These days, English is often the default language used when people
from different countries get together. This has been made clear in places
like India, where the population speaks 780 different languages, and
English is the tool that’s used to bring these people together.

3. English is the language of Government.

The United Nations use both English and French as its official
languages. Also, with its massive influence over world affairs, the Unites
States (and the west in general), are key global players that mustn’t be
overlooked. These countries primarily use English to communicate their
policies to the world, so having a firm understanding of English really
important for an accurate interpretation of these pronouncements.

4. Over half of the World’s Websites are written in English.

The exact statistics are tricky to find, but it has been estimated that
of the 10 million most popular websites in the world, at least fifty per
cent have been written in English. That’s a lot of cyber content and
knowledge that people who can’t speak English are completely missing out

5. Live in an exciting new country as you learn the language.

One of the most attractive features for learning English as a second
language is that many schools offer the chance to live in an English
speaking country as you study! This is one of the fastest, most effective
and most interesting methods for learning any foreign language. After all,
language acquisition is about much more than simply studying a vocabulary
list; it’s about soaking up the culture and colloquialisms; delving into an
alien society with a kind, open heart, and one hell of an enquiring

Read on for information on some of the leading institutions offering
world-class English Language courses:


Kennesaw State University
(KSU) is a public comprehensive institution situated at the heart
of the beautiful region of Kennesaw, Georgia. Home to around 25,000
students from 130 countries, Kennesaw is the third largest university in
the state and offers a total of 90 bachelors, masters and doctoral degree
programs across its nine colleges. The University’s unique programs for new
and transferring students are steadily garnering plaudits for excellence;
in fact, KSU’s first year seminar program is consistently ranked by US News
as one of the best in the country.

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The University of
Otago offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate
programmes in disciplines such as Business, Health Sciences, Humanities and
Sciences. Intensive English preparation can be undertaken at the
University’s outstanding Language Centre, and
the Foundation Year provides the academic and English preparation required
for undergraduate study. The Language Centre offers general English and a
variety of English courses and pathways to university study, including
IELTS, TOEFL, iBT pathways to the foundation year and to undergraduate and
postgraduate study. The Language Centre provides five levels of English
tuition, from elementary to advanced, with small class sizes and access to
a language lab, computer suite and independent learning centre. 


Established on the California
State University, Chico campus in 1979, the American Language and Culture Institute
(ALCI Chico) has successfully provided intensive English language
education for thousands of students from more than 90 countries around the
world. The mission of ALCI Chico is to provide high quality English
language instruction and the supportive student services international
students need to be successful in their academic and professional careers.
The ALCI Chico curriculum includes specialized core courses (speaking,
listening, reading, writing, and grammar) and a choice of electives such as
pronunciation, American idioms, cross-cultural awareness, business English,
survival English, and academic preparation. ALCI Chico offers five sessions
of intensive English instruction per year to students of all proficiency
levels, from beginning to advanced.

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A world leader in the sphere of higher education, Southern Illinois University (SIU) is a state
university in the United States, with its flagship campus in Carbondale,
Illinois. SIU has been in operation since 1869, and has since been named
one of the best universities in the Midwestern U.S. by The Princeton
Review. Given its reputation for high-quality research, small class sizes
and high value for money, SIU is a leading choice for international
students keen to pursue English Language education, undergraduate or
graduate study in the USA.


Explore American culture, develop academic English proficiency and learn
to communicate with confidence at South Dakota State University (SDSU). Students
receive personal, practical education on a vibrant campus of over 12,500
undergrad and grad students. The SDSU English
Language & Culture Institute (ELCI) prepares students for
post-secondary study. The ELCI focuses on academic English, while enhancing
students’ cognitive thinking abilities and real world problem-solving
skills in the English context. Students are challenged to think beyond
simply building language skills to embrace innovative approaches to
successful learning.

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