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Telematics Coursework

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Do You Know All the Ways You Can Use Your Telematics Data?


Donlen’s Tom Sloan, Manager, Telematics Products, moderated a panel discussion at this year’s NAFA Institute and Expo titled “Investing in Telematics? Get Your Money’s Worth.” On the panel with Tom were three fleet managers who shared lessons learned throughout the implementation process.

“There were a number of key takeaways from the panel,” said Tom. “Whether you’re in the early stages of implementation or have been using telematics for a while, there are always new ways to use the data to make an impact.”

A common theme from each panelist was communication. “It’s important to keep everyone in your organization informed at each step of the process. With ongoing communication, you ensure that drivers and management not only understand why you’re using telematics, but the results of your efforts.”

Let us show you how to make the most of your data. Donlen’s DriverPoint Telematics program will help optimize your fleet and manage your data. Call Nick Ehrhart at 847-412-4986 to learn more.

President’s Eagle Award Winner

Congratulations to Brad Bohnen, Ericsson Head of Fleet Management – North America. Brad was recently presented by Ericsson with the President’s Eagle Award for his implementation of DriverPoint® Telematics and DonlenPass Toll Management. The award honors Brad for his extraordinary contribution in 2013.

Using DriverPoint data analysis, Ericsson realized widespread improvements in driver behavior, fuel economy, and safe driving patterns. See how Brad and DriverPoint Consultative Services achieved ROI; download the case study using the link below.

Just in Time for Summer!

Goodyear National Accounts has a great sale on its popular fleet tire, the Dunlop Signature II. This offer runs through September 30, 2014. Check out the PDF for details.

Another CAFS Certification for Donlen FAS

Meet Emily Flajole, Fleet Administrative Services Account Manager. Emily, a customer service rep at Donlen, recently achieved the CAFS (Certified Automotive Fleet Specialist) designation and is well on her way to becoming a CAFM (Certified Automotive Fleet Manager). To accomplish this, she needs only one more course, which she anticipates finishing in June.

The CAFM program concentrates on eight areas critical to fleet management: assets, business, financial, fleet information (IT), maintenance, risk, fuel, and professional development. Program participants must pass all eight disciplines within a three-year period. CAFS allows participants to choose from three discipline sets based on their education or employment needs.

“The CAFS/CAFM coursework has made my knowledge base more comprehensive. It’s given me a full picture of the fleet industry, and I can use that to help my customers.”

Before coming to Donlen, Emily was on the other side of the table, spending five years as a fleet manager. “Donlen has a great customer service department. We’re flexible and can accommodate most requests that come to us from customers. You don’t always get that at other fleet management companies.”

Congratulations Emily. Good luck on the final exam!

Donlen Quarterly Update


Couldn’t Make It to Our Event at NAFA?

Check out our pics from NAFA! Thanks to everyone who came out. We had a fantastic time. Great company, fantastic food, and amazing music. Can’t ask for more than that!


Transit Delays May Affect OTD

Throughout the fleet industry, FMCs, OEMs and upfitters are challenged by delays in order-to-delivery (OTD) times. In recent years, the increase in crude oil traveling by rail resulted in scarce rail resources.

OEMs have invested heavily on relief transportation, bringing in new temporary carriers. In addition, they’ve been working with each other and the rail industry to add additional tri-level rail car capacity as quickly as possible to improve deliveries and reduce OTD.

We’re closely monitoring the situation. Please contact your Donlen Account Manager with any questions. Your MFG Representative can also be of assistance if you are experiencing increased delays in deliveries.

Driver’s Corner

Motorcycles and bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as other vehicles, and are entitled to share the road. Check out this video from the California DMV on sharing the road safely with two-wheeled vehicles. (Hat tip to Automotive Fleet for posting.)

> Watch the video now

And Finally

And finally, we know Mother’s Day has passed, but this is worth watching any day of the year. Ford asked kids to describe their mother’s dream car, and then brought their ideas to life through illustration. Rocket boosters, dark chocolate limousine with marshmallow wheels, red and pink and runs on love. Maybe Ford’s next concepts? Happy Friday!

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Have a great weekend. Safe travels

Originally appeared in FridayFleet on May 16, 2014

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Donlen is the industry’s most customer centric and technically integrated provider of financing and asset management solutions for corporate fleets. Utilizing a highly consultative and strategic approach, Donlen helps fleets reduce cost, improve utilization, and increase driver safety and productivity. Donlen’s innovation has been honored with the Computerworld 2012 Honors Laureate for Economic Development, the 2012 and 2013 InformationWeek 500 List of Top Technology Innovators Across America, and recipient of the 2013 CIO 100. Their workplace excellence has been recognized on the IAOP The Global Outsourcing 100® list for eight of the last nine years, and as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Places to Work For in Chicago each year from 2007-2012. Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Northbrook, IL, Donlen is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Hertz Corporation (NYSE: HTZ). For more information about Donlen, visit

August 13, 2015 · By Geeng Yee Chong

Made up of of hundreds and sometimes thousands of vehicles, enterprise fleets generate massive amounts of data that can potentially overwhelm managers.

GPS-based vehicle tracking helps businesses take advantage of this information to maximize vehicle efficiency and reduce operating expenses.

A fleet GPS tracking system is designed to help keep large-scale commercial operations running at optimum levels by providing data tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

GPS Tracking Cuts Down on Fuel and Labor Costs
When managing an enterprise fleet, it’s easy for expenses and labor costs to quickly balloon.

It can be difficult for managers to monitor resources on bigger operations, which can lead to lost revenues through redundant dispatching or wasted fuel through inefficient routing.

A fleet management system provides tools to help businesses lower costs, increase revenues, improve customer service, maximize fleet efficiency, and strengthen advantages in the marketplace.

Improved dispatching and smarter routing through fleet tracking can lead to reduced work order times and less time spent on the road.

Vehicles with nearby deliveries can be grouped together to save both time and gas. Fewer hours on the road also leads to reductions in costly overtime, which can cut down on labor costs.

Responsive Routing Leads to Improved Customer Satisfaction
The data collected through GPS tracking can be used to maximize fleet efficiency with reduced delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.

Fleet tracking can be used to provide near real-time mapping, complete with user-defined landmarks set by managers or drivers.

This means that the closest vehicles can be routed accordingly to reduce response times.

By collecting data on the frequency of stops and wait times, companies can be sure deliveries are made on time, keeping customers happy and lowering fuel costs.

Shred Alaska, a paper-shredding and hard-drive destruction service in Anchorage, Alaska, needed to expand its routing capabilities to increase its delivery response times.

The use of an enterprise fleet management system gave the business the power to automatically determine exact vehicle locations and idle times. This led to proactive solutions for quicker customer service and decreased fuel costs.

Seeing where all our trucks are in relation to each other and to customers enables us to respond more quickly,” Robyn Forbes, owner of Shred Alaska, said in a case study. “The ability to instantly identify and route the closest truck saves time and money.”

Fleet Tracking Helps Keep Drivers Accountable
By monitoring vehicles and drivers remotely, managers can take an active role in improving driver safety without standing over the shoulder of every employee.

Through GPS electronic monitoring, Networkfleet can have a positive effect on driver behavior, such as speeding and idling, by holding employees accountable for their behavior on the road.

This can potentially reduce costly safety infractions while improving driver performance and productivity.

How Fleet Management Works
Verizon Networkfleet combines patented GPS and telematics technologies to create a comprehensive fleet management system that works anywhere you do.

  1. The installed Networkfleet units monitor vehicle location, engine diagnostics, and other fleet performance metrics – 24/7.
  2. The fleet tracking system automatically transmits vehicle data over a secure wireless network to the Networkfleet Data Center.
  3. Fleet operators access a secure Networkfleet website to receive vehicle alerts, track vehicle locations, and monitor driver behavior. Using PCs, smart phones and tablets, managers monitor fleet tracking data to make real-time decisions that lower costs and improve fleet performance.

Fleet tracking data can be integrated with Garmin, Esri® mapping and other GPS tracking system software to manage your fleet more effectively.

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