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Homework Dubstep Playlist Download

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Scene veterans take us to school.

Two of dubstep’s most venerable stalwarts, DJ Hatcha and Hyperdub boss Kode9 (pictured), went back-to-back on Kiss FM last week to take listeners through the history of the genre.

Touching on now-classic cuts from Skream, Mala, Loefah, Coki and the like, the 50-minute mix could be considered homework for the legions of dubstep fans around the world who’ve never been within a hundred miles of Croydon town centre.

Also note the introduction which describes Kode9 as “aka Steve Goodman, alias Burial”. We thought it was JK Rowling? [Hat tip to RBMA for the link]

Stream the mix below via Mixcloud or download it directly here.


Capefear – Skream
On the Run – Horsepower
Untitled – Skream
Givjah Glory – By Mala
Misty Winter Ft Crazy D – Digital Mystikz
Tiger Style – Tubby
Hatcha Spesh – Skream
Bombay Squad – Loefah
The Bug – Skream
9 Samurai – Kode9
Classic Deluxe – Horsepower
Twissup – Loefah
Untitled – Untitled
Bay Crying – Skream
Old Hope – Coki
Stuck – Coki
Cargo – Maddslinky
Buck n Bury – ElB
Untitled – Beni Ill Vs Dynesh
Countdown – Coki
Oxygent – Benga
Heartless Ninja – Coki
Untitled – Untitled
Lights – Loefah & Nasty Crew
Ring Da Alarm – Zed Bias
Like A Snake – Zed Bias

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