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Russian School Of Math Lexington Homework

Since opening in 2010, RSM-Lexington has leveraged the Russian School of Mathematics' award-winning math curriculum and teaching methodology to help K-12 students build excellence in math and develop lifelong critical thinking skills.

RSM-Lexington is a great learning community where students are not only active participants in their own learning but instrumental in helping their fellow students succeed.Rather than focusing solely on math tutoring in Lexington, RSM provides an enriching classroom experience to push students of all levels ahead.

Today RSM-Lexington enrolls more than 1500 students from Lexington, Winchester, Belmont, Arlington, Burlington, Bedford, Woburn, Cambridge, Waltham, Medford, Melrose, Lincoln and Somerville.

To better serve Lexington families, our school is conveniently located at 4 Militia Drive, which is now a designated bus stop thanks to the Lexington Public Schools Transportation Department.

We are very excited to continue the RSM Online Homework program, which currently supports all 4th through 10th grade algebra classes and 6th, 7th, and 10th grade geometry classes.

RSM Online Homework is an excellent tool and beneficial resource for students, parents, and teachers:

  • Students have the opportunity to identify and correct mistakes before turning in their homework to their teacher. As a result, students will develop better critical thinking skills and achieve higher grades.
  • Parents will stay informed about their child's progress through automatic notifications of the assignment status and the assignment grade.
  • Teachers can review the results of online assignments to determine which homework problems caused the most difficulty for students. Analysis of assignments allow teachers to better prepare lessons and use this information to modify the presentation of the material in class.

Please remember: teachers will still collect written homework to check your child’s thought process, to identify gaps in understanding, and to adjust homework grades. Make sure your child shows their work on paper and brings it to the classroom for the teacher's review.

If you have any questions regarding online homework please ask your teacher or office administration.

How It Works:

  • During the lesson the teacher assigns homework, which is due the following week.
  • The next day (often by noon), the parents and student receive a link to the electronic version of that same assignment. Students solve the homework on paper, enter their answers online and receive immediate feedback.
  • A reminder is sent to both parents and students if the online assignment has not been started within 4 days.
  • Parents will receive an email with the score of the assignment.